Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Not Being an Ostrich!

I have learnt today (for the nth time, for goodness sake!) how good it feels sorting out my financial 'file', which has existed for a while in the form of a pile of letters, some of which I confess are still unopened from before Christmas ... that's last year, now! (Blush!)

I know from a lifetime's experience (have never been good with either money or numbers) that when I face up to them, take stock of my income and expenditure, and send the details in letters, the situation will be much improved; the financial situation itself, the clutter situation (paperwork filed neatly away instead of following me around the house and growing daily), and the stress situation! (Three successes with one action, hey?) It felt so good last week when I put six envelopes into the post box, and even better this morning when I received positive feedback from three of them ...

So why do I always behave like an ostrich?

Perhaps it has something to do with my Jungian attitude (introvert/extravert) ... more about that in another post, have promised myself I will work on Student Mum today.

Now things have been arranged, yet again, I am determined to keep on top of financial stuff ... I have a proper file, a cute little bag with a gorgeous grey kitten on the front, with it's paw on a love heart sweet (well, it keeps it all tidy and my youngest daughter gave it to me for my birthday, it makes me feel good when I look at it, so am hoping it will be easier to get it out once a week and examine the contents!)


PS I also learnt recently that ostriches don't actually bury their heads! If I remember rightly, the myth arose from the fact that they turn their eggs with their heads, and their nests are built up slightly, giving the appearance of them burying their heads. Still a great image though, and one I can certainly relate to!

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